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Master Plan Update

Garfield Township is currently in the process of reviewing and updating the Township Master Plan to help guide land use, zoning, and other policies.  The planning process articulates a vision of residents' desires for what the Township will look like in the future as well as goals, objectives, and actions to achieve that vision.


The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (MZEA) requires zoning to be based on a plan, so if a community wishes to adopt a zoning ordinance, it must also prepare and adopt a master plan to serve as the basis for the various zoning districts in the jurisdiction. Thus, communities must also follow the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (MPEA) for engaging in land use planning and preparing a master plan.


Please check this page often for information about the project including data, community engagement opportunities, and more!


Update February 2024: Updated Draft of Master Plan available for review

Staff has incorporated feedback from the public and the Planning Commission into an updated draft that was distributed to Planning Commissioners and which will be reviewed at the Planning Commission study session on Wednesday, February 28 at 7:00 PM.  Commissioners are anticipated at this study session to recommend a final draft for review.  The Planning Commission and Township Board are holding a joint meeting on Wednesday, March 27 at 6:00 PM to review a final draft of the Master Plan and are anticipated to begin the formal Master Plan adoption process.


An updated draft of the Master Plan can be found at the following link:

Updated Draft Master Plan


Update November 2023: Complete Draft of Master Plan available for review

Throughout 2023, Planning Department staff and the Planning Commission have reviewed several topics for inclusion in the updated Township Master Plan. These have included an Existing Conditions Report of background information and data about the Township; a Community Engagement Report summarizing the 2022 random-sample Community Survey and other public feedback; draft Future Land Use, Goals, and Objectives; and Implementation.


Commissioners were given a complete draft of the updated Master Plan in November 2023 and provided feedback to Staff at their January 2024 study session.  Commissioners and Staff also received feedback from the public at an open house held before the January 2024 study session.  Staff incorporated this feedback into an updated draft that was distributed in advance of the February 2024 study session.


Community Engagement

Pop-Up Event – The Township hosted a pop-up event on Saturday July 15, 2023 at Silver Lake Recreation Area to gather community input for the Master Plan.  The event consisted of a “visual preference survey” with picture boards showing various images of development concepts, and attendees were encouraged to express their preferences to each image.

Pop-Up Event - Visual Preference Survey Images


Community Survey Results – Garfield Township recently conducted a random-sample survey as part of the public engagement process of updating the Master Plan.  Please see the following summary report of the survey, and look for additional public engagement opportunities for the Master Plan in 2023.

2022 Charter Township of Garfield Community Survey - Summary Report


This page last updated on 2/22/2024.

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