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Development Process Information

The following information, including the Guide to Development, is intended as a resource to help navigate the development review process.  The Township encourages investment in our community and wants to see our residents and businesses succeed.  Staff is available to help assist you and answer any of your questions.


Guide to Development

Anyone interested in development in the Township is encouraged to review the Guide to Development below to become familiar with the development review process.  This guide describes the Township’s expectations for developments, provides a general overview of the process, and provides links to key resources. 


Guide to Development 



Key Contact Information

Meeting Schedule

Current Fee Schedule - adopted May 9, 2023

Submittal Deadlines - for Planning Commission reviews


Forms - Pre-Application Review

Conceptual Review


Forms - Application Review

Condominium Plan Amendment

Escrow and Review – for storm water, water/sewer, private road, traffic impact study, and legal

Group Daycare – for Child Care, Small Group Home (7-12)

Marijuana Safety Compliance Facility License

Planned Development / Planned Shopping Center Sign Review

Planned Developments – including Planned Unit Developments (PUD)

Site Condominium Subdivision

Site Plan Review

Special Use Permit (SUP) – including new applications and amendments

Temporary Outdoor Sales / Event

Zoning Ordinance Amendments – including text, map (rezoning), and conditional rezoning


Forms - Building and Land Use

Land Use Permit

Sign Permit

Building Permit

Residential Building Packet

Commercial Building Packet

Demolition Permit Application

Building Fee Schedule

Building Contact List

Plan Review Application


Forms - Other Considerations

Zoning Board of Appeals Application - requests for variances, appeals, interpretations, etc.

Code Violation Complaint

Zoning Verification Letter Request

Land Division and Boundary Adjustment - see Assessing Department page


Zoning Ordinance Sections

Schedule of Regulations 

Use Chart 

R-1 – One-Family Residential

R-2 – Two-Family Residential

R-3 – Multi-Family Residential

R-R – Rural Residential

R-M – Mobile Home Residential

C-L – Local Commercial

C-O – Office Commercial

C-G – General Commercial

C-H – Highway Commercial

C-P – Planned Shopping

I-G – General Industrial

I-L – Limited Industrial

A – Agricultural

P-R – Park-Recreation

GTC – Grand Traverse Commons 




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