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Zoning Board of Appeals

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Garfield Township Zoning Board of Appeals will hold public hearings at their regular meeting on July 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm. The hearings will take place at the Garfield Township Hall, located at 3848 Veterans Drive, Traverse City, Michigan 49684.

The following requests will be heard:
1. A request made by John C Ogden for variances from Section 313 of the Garfield Township Zoning Ordinance to reduce the front yard setback from 30’ to 20’ and from Section 534 B to reduce the wetland setback from 25’ to 17’. The property is zoned R-1 and is located at 818 Incochee Woods and with a property number of 05-184-038-00.

2. A request made by Serra Works of Traverse City LLC for the following items:
a. A variance from Section 630.E.3 of the Garfield Township Zoning Ordinance to allow various wall signs on a proposed building in excess of 100 sq. ft per exterior wall face
b. A variance from Section 630.E.2 of the Garfield Township Zoning Ordinance to allow more than one freestanding sign per parcel.
c. An interpretation of Section 630.E.3 that would consider each projection on a building a separate wall, which would allow an increase in wall signage by right.
The subject property is zoned C-G General Commercial and is located at 1747 S. Garfield Avenue; the property number is 05-013-005-10 and 05-013-004-10.

3. A request made by Traverse City Realty Holdings, Villa Healthcare, for a variance from Section 315 of the Garfield Township Zoning ordinance to reduce the front yard setback from 25’ to 0’. The property is zoned R-3 and is located at 2828 Concord Street, Traverse City MI with a property ID of 05-100-038-00.

A copy of the applications, zoning ordinance and zoning map may be inspected at the zoning office of the Charter Township of Garfield located at 3848 Veterans Drive, Traverse City, Michigan between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday. All persons will have the right to speak at the Public Hearing. Any written comments with respect to this application may be submitted to the Township zoning department at the address above during regular office hours as described above or during the Public Hearing. The Township’s telephone number is 231-941-1620

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five members of the community that are appointed by the Township Board. These members are empowered to hear appeals in matters relating to the zoning ordinance. In some cases, they are asked to interpret the zoning text or map, hear a variance request, or review an appeal of an administrative decision made by the zoning administrator. 

The Zoning Board of Appeals does not have the power to alter or change a zoning district classification of any property, or authorize use variances.


2017 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Zoning Board of Appeals Application

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