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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions relative to each Department are also available on that Department's home page.


How can my Taxable Value go up when my Assessed Value went down?
I just bought my home. Why isn't my SEV 1/2 my purchase price?
I don't agree with my assessment. What can I do?
What if I'm assessed for things I don't have?
How do you calculate personal property assessments?


How much does a building permit cost?
Do I need a permit for constructing a shed?
Do I need a permit for a swimming pool?
Do I need a permit to reroof my house?
Do I need a permit to replace or build a deck?
Where can I find information on the new energy code?
How deep do my footings need to be?
What is the snow load in this area?
How detailed do my plans have to be?
Can you recommend a builder, engineer, or architect?


When is the next election?
Where do I vote?
Am I registered to vote in Garfield Township?


Does the township issue burn permits?
Where can I found housing/rental opportunities in the area?
How can I volunteer by serving on a board or commission?
What are the township's office hours?


What are the Planning Commission Submittal Deadlines?
I would like to rezone my property. Where do I get started?
Can I put a wind turbine up on my property?
How long will it take to rezone my property?
What zoning district could I potentially rezone my property to?
How much does a re-zoning request cost?
How can I request a change to a zoning ordinance standard?
How can I develop/use my property?
Land divisions can I divide and sell my property?
Why do I need a Special Use Permit (SUP) for X use?
How long will it take to get my Special Use Permit?


Where do I pay my taxes and what types of payments are accepted?
Can I pay my taxes with a credit card or debit card?
Can I look up my property tax information online?
Can I get help to pay my taxes?
What are the current and prior year millage rates?
What period are summer and winter taxes for?
How do I appeal my Taxable Value?
What are personal property taxes?
What is "tax day"?
Can my business get an exemption from Personal Property taxes?
Do I need to notify the township if my business is closing or moving out of Garfield Twp?
Do I need a permit to hold an auction in Garfield Township?


Do you enforce homeowners association restrictions?
What is the purpose of zoning?
What is a setback?
Where is the setback measured from?
When do I need a Land Use Permit?
How long does it take to review a permit application?
Does my shed / accessory building have to be outside of the setback?
What is the setback from Silver Lake?
Are short-term rentals allowed?
This page last updated on 12/10/2018.

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