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Assessing Department

Welcome to the Assessor’s Office!


We, here in the Garfield Township Assessing Department, are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the Township’s assessment rolls for all assessable property, both real and personal, located within our borders.


Assessment and taxable value determinations are made in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 211 of the Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL), otherwise known as the "General Property Tax Act" (often referred to as the GPTA). If you have any questions about the GPTA, come and visit us or give us a call. We will do our best to help you understand this ever-changing law.


While most of our information comes from public documents - recorded deeds, land contracts, and Property Transfer Affidavits, submitted plans, and physical inspections of properties - an important link in this chain that is sometimes overlooked is you, our residents.


We recommend that our residents, and taxpayers, review their assessment information to ensure the accuracy of our information. We can only enter your home when you let us, so there may be changes that we are unaware of. Please note that if you do not allow entry on your property, or into your home, we will have to guess from the road.  We make every effort to accurately describe all property in the township, but the best information regarding your property will always come from you. By reviewing the information we have for your property, you are helping us make more accurate assessments. This will lead to better information being used in the studies we analyze in determining property values in the Township.


With very limited exceptions, all information in our office is of public record and may be reviewed by anyone during our normal business hours. Please stop by and see us if you have any questions or if you would like to review your property record card.


This page last updated on 5/14/2024.

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