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Personal Property

Personal Property Exemption for 2019

You may qualify!


NEW FOR 2019:  Taxpayers are no longer required to annually file Form 5076 in order to claim the exemption.  However, all taxpayers MUST file in 2019 to claim the exemption. Once granted, the exemption will continue until the taxpayer no longer qualifies.  To be eligible, the taxpayer must meet certain criteria noted in the 2019 Letter to Business Owners. Deadline filing date is February 20, 2019, see 2019 Letter to Business Owners for filing instructions.


2019 Small Business Exemption Affidavit (Form 5076)


Operating a Business in Garfield Township 


2019 Personal Property Statement (Form 632)


2019 Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property Tax Exemption Claim (Form 5278)



Information for companies with Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property: www.michigan.gov/esa


This page last updated on 1/9/2019.

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