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Hickory Meadows

Owned and operated by the Joint Recreational Authority, this 112.5 acre parcel offers miles of unpaved hiking paths, which transition to XC skiing opportunities in the wintertime. The paths on this property wander over hills, across meadows, and through woodlands. The park is next door to the Hickory Hills Ski Area.

This park is one of three properties that was purchased via a millage overwhelmingly approved by Township and City voters in 2004, and is dedicated in perpetuity to viewshed preservation and passive recreational activities such as hiking and nature watching.

Staff continued to meet with stakeholder groups involved in planning and management for these two parks, which are owned by Traverse City (HH) and the Joint Recreational Authority (HM) but are located in Garfield Township at the west end of Randolph Street.

Perhaps most notably, a comprehensive redevelopment plan for Hickory Hills was prepared to guide this community’s ski hill into the 21st century. The redevelopment plan calls for a new lodge, revised layout, and multi-use trails to make this a 4-season destination. The stakeholder group is actively seeking funding to implement this plan.

As a part of the Hickory Hills plan, efforts were also made to coordinate trail planning and routing between the two parks, as well as establishing easements to build a connector trail south to the Grand Traverse Commons. Taken in sum, the three parks may be able to eventually offer a truly remarkable trail system near the core of the Traverse City urban area.

Together, the above achievements reflect ongoing efforts of the Parks and Recreation Commission to implement the goals of the 5-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan. With a number of great parks now established, we continue the push to enhance these resources and to allow people to reach their parks by bike. Those interested in learning more about ongoing efforts are encouraged to visit the Planning Department, where we have a number of maps and documents to explore.

Access to the park is via Randolf Road or East Traverse Highway (M-72). On M-72, look for the big red barn on the south side of the road. Parking is available, but restrooms are not. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed.


Questions or comments regarding Hickory Meadows should be directed to Matt Cowall, Executive Director of the Joint Recreational Authority, at 231-929-3696.


This page last updated on 8/5/2019.

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