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Planning Department Forms

2020 Planning Commission Meeting Submittal Deadline dates

Below are a number of Garfield Township Planning Department forms that you may find useful.


Planned Unit Development / Special Use Permit Applications

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Review Approval / Amendment Application

PUD SIGN Amendment Application

Planned Shopping Center Site Plan Review Application

Planned Shopping Center Sign Application

Special Use Permit (SUP) Application

Conceptual Review Application

Site Plan Review Application

Group Daycare Application

Escrow and Review Application 

Escrows are used for water/sewer, stormwater, private roads, traffic impact study, legal and other professional reviews as needed. 


Zoning Ordinance / Zoning Map Applications 

Application for Zoning Ordinance TEXT Amendment

Application for Zoning MAP Amendment (Rezoning)



Map Request Form



Fee Schedule



Land Divisions / Boundary Adjustments

Land Division and Boundary Adjustment Applications are available on the ASSESSING DEPARTMENT PAGE




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